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Bangkok Trip Day 1 : 19/12/2013

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Trip guide here. Oh I might add in somemore information that I didn't include in the guide hor so you better finish reading the post hehe #cheat

So supposedly we'll have to be at my uncle's house on 18th to stay overnight then he'll send us to the airport the next day ma. But then I went to the WMD gathering and reached home late wtf so I literally pack my luggage at the eleventh hour wtf. Just cincai throw clothes into the bag nia!

Shitload of photos coming your way!
Told you I'm not doing "peace" pose ady ma right! Here's a rocker one!
Erm not so obvious though hehe ^^"
Photobomb lol

When we're at my uncle's house, my aunty and the cousins were sleeping already. Uncle said we can share a room with them. Wahliaowey tnb they slept in aircond room so so so cold I cannot tahan lor! How can people sleep inside aircond room without being frozen! *shiver*

OK it's the next day already and we're in the LCCT airport!
Self check-in.
Otherwise you've gotta pay RM10 for the processing fee if you check-in at the counter!
So sien. LOL
Waiting for time to pass in McD.
This time gun pose lololol
Waiting for papa and mami coz they went to the toilet.
First try on 45度斜角,嘟嘴,V 面 hahaha please don't vomit
Waiting hall
Surprisingly, the 2 generations have the opposite habits compared to the current generation!
The older one look into smartphone while the younger one reading!
Can you see the purple in my hair??? #desperatelvl999
In the plane ady!
Found this contest!!! Anyone travelling with AA? Take note of this lor!

Random shots:

My  flight meal!
Don't judge me ok it was decided like months ago before I even start my workout.
Nah my try!
I don't know how people gonna take the picha la coz the background light is too bright leh the food will be dimmed!
Or maybe I'm too noob la wtf.

And we finally touched down!
Asking for directions how to go to the hotel by public transport.
The airport
First we took the bus
Forcing KitKit to take picha with me hehehe
The bus driver and the bus conductor were women! The bus conductor was very pretty also! :O

Train station information counter!
From this point onward, she'll be the tour guide and walking map! Geng bu geng you tell me!
Guide#1 How to read the station map
The number besides the station indicates the amount of ticket fare you need to pay
Train ticket #style1
They got bike fest leh! So healthy and environment friendly!
Honestly if I come alone I'll definitely lost =x
Train ticket #style2
Though it's not mami's first time taking train (first time was in Hong Kong years ago), we still have to teach her how to get pass the ticket machine.
In the hotel finally!
Why KitKit looks so frustrated geh???
Papa checking us in
They've got desktop! But their wifi cannot be connected at 3rd floor pun hmph.
Does this look like the corridor in The Conjuring? Or in any of the horror movies? Huh???

After we're settled down a bit, we went out again to explore! And hunt food!
I know this one very irrelevant but DON'T CARE LAH! Live long and prosper!
Or talk to the hand!
Bangkok got a lot of taxis with different colors wor!
1. Green/Yellow
2. Pink!
3. Orange
4. Tuk-Tuk (LOL)
But I have no idea what's the difference @@

Get down at MBK Centre and reached the 5th floor's food court.

Need to take the charge card first, consisting 1k baht.
FYI, sometimes they'll charge you with VAT! For tourists, it can be claimed! REMEMBER to ask the cashier/shopkeeper to pass you the VAT claim form so you can fill it in for you. The form must be kept until the day you left Bangkok because that's when you can go to the custom and get the refund!
Can you believe? Liquor is cheaper than juice! Most foreigners went for beers than juice!
My drink - Mango with yogurt
My food - Caesar salad
Please don't mind the dressings wtf I thought it doesn't have! Doesn't look like this on the display ok :3
I like my brother's shirt!

Finished food then walk around in the mall. Passed by this stall which sells funny dolls and these are one of them. Everyone mocked me with it wtf.
Exercising statue. FML

Bought very little stuffs nia! 2 bags of which 200baht each in a handbag store in MBK Centre!
Left: Sanjie's
Right: Mine
Very easy to know la coz it's pinky! But honestly I like sanjie's also she considered for very long then she decided she want it for herself T^T
Earmuff for Japan Trip! 220 baht
The store owner was Singaporean leh! Damn hard bargain wtf. Asked me to buy 2 for 450 baht! I said "I don't need 2 larh" Then he said original price was supposed to be 290 baht leh then he cut again until 220 baht ^^"

When we're back at the hotel... We so boh liao we tried to tie one of the hairstyle taught in the Number 76style workshop!
My artpiece. So not nice wtf.
Sanjie's artpiece. So much better!
Then sanjie said it's the hairstyle she used to tie so that her hair can become curly the next day and asked me how can this be season hairstyle?! =O

(To be continued...)
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