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Isetan x Vivi - Number 76Style Workshop 14/12/2013

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This will be another entry for #soulmate to stare at when she needs to fix the 追星 crave hahaha.

Erjie Skyped me on Wednesday morning for the event so I just emailed without knowing what's that lol it turned out to be my MOST LOOKING FORWARD EVENT THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!

This is very urgent de message! Just gimme the receiver's email and write GO GO GO then I'll follow your instructions ady LOL
Isetan x ViVi Christmas Hair Styling Workshop! *Scream!*
Hair styling model: Bobo! *scream*
Special guests: Audrey and Cheesie!!! *SCREAMS!!!*

Very excited right???

Which means even if I wanna attend the workshop for mere 15mins also cannot coz the journey from KLCC to Puchong is more than half an hour and I've gotta pick Serena up somemore so the only way is... Jeng Jeng Jeng...


Omfg anyone who knew this sure think I don't know where to buy coffin de le @@ But she's extremely understanding! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE HER YOU SAY LA!!!

Since I've bought the tickets earlier, I gave it to sanjie and mami ahaha. Gotta send them to IOI mall at 1pm so I can reach KLCC by 2pm!

My huge-ass face indicating I was super excited to the workshop!
See hor my eyelids at this moment is very even. Later it will become uneven wtf made me look weird in all my pichas!

Some selfies before the workshop started.
Eyelids still even!
Wah if my arms can be as slim as shown in 3rd picha then I'm really satisfied lor...

Side note: How come I think look better when my face is horizontally flipped de???

Anyway! Shit loads of photos coming your way!
(ps: Thank goodness erjie got a decent camera I don't have to use my phone! I tell you, EVERYONE IS USING CAMERA FOR THE SHOTS WTF!) 感谢你二姐!!!

Odera-san setting Cheesie's hair.
That's Yuth's and Bobo's 背影!
Another one with Bobo hehehe

Part of the hair products on the shelves by Number 76Style recommended by Audrey/Cheesie!
Aud and Cheesie taking selfie while Yuth and Bobo watching them hehehe
What a creepy stalker I am XD
The infamous Odera-san!
He knew we're taking his picha so he smiled to the camera leh! #notbad

I didn't come back learning nothing ok! Here's the first hair style from the workshop:
With Bobo as the short-hair styling model
Step 1: Separate your hair into horizontally 3 parts and grab the upper part.
Step 2: Tie it up.
Step 3: Separate the hair.
Step 4: Turn the hair in.
Step 5: Slightly loosen the hair to create better head shape.
Step 6: Grab the middle part of the hair.
Step 7: Tie it up and turn it in.
Step 8: Twist the hair at the lowest part to the side and pin it.
Pretty pretty pretty ♥
Step 9 (optional): Accessorize yourself!
This one looking to the camera de!!! ♥♥♥
Closer look
Not bad ma hor ^^♥

Now it's the tutorial for long and wavy hair #1 with hair styling model YUTH! (Oops didn't take front face for her)
Step 1: Separate hair into vertically 4 parts and braid them all 4.
Normal braiding like this.
Step 2: Twist the second braid in.
Step 3: And form a bun.
Step 4: Pin it.
Step 5: Do the same to the 3rd braid.
Step 6: Pull the 4th braid down towards the 3rd and wrap around the 3rd braid clockwise.
Step 7: And pin it. Like this.
Step 8: Do the same to the first braid.

Step 9 (optional): Accessorize yourself!
Another look

Wah Yuth very pro leh she will pause a bit for camera shots wan! And look into each cameras! Model jiu shi model~

Ok hairstyle for long and wavy hair #2! With Yuth also!
Step 1: Separate the hair horizontally into 2 parts. Put aside the upper part of the hair first.
Step 2: Twist the hair clockwise.
Step 3: And pin it along when you're twisting it.
Until you get something like this.
Step 4: Put down your hair at the upper part and twist it too.
Step 5: And cover the lower part.
Tidy it up a bit.
Step 6: Continue twisting it clockwise on top of the twist just made.
Step 7: And keep pinning it.
Step 8: Create volume at the loose end.
Step 9 (optional): Accessorize yourself!
End results!
Pretty pretty... ♥

OK la both of them are so pretty so basically what kind of hairstyles they have also won't affect much lor wtf. :3

Aaand it's end of the workshop already wtf!

Time for photos and EVERY-FREAKING-ONE RUSHED TO BOBO/CHEESIE/AUDREY! So I asked Yuth for a picha first ahaha.

With Yuth!!!
Still very honored hehehe ^^


With Bobo!!!

So sad la I looked so weird T^T

With Cheesie!!!

OMFG if a giant were to pick an arm for lunch, mine is definitely much meatier. And juicier.

With Audrey!!!

Man I tell you, the girls before us were so chatty!!! And then keep taking picha with Audrey like forever wtf I've waited so hard for this moment!

Ok la I sour grape can? Coz I'll never have the courage to make small talks to them! >< Max I can do is ask for a picha wtf T^T

OK I 死而无憾 ady!

#soulmate, you're welcome! XD

Haiyah too bad they don't have lucky pick for participants to get a free hairstyling LOLOLOL but it's OK lah we've got a goodie bag each worth RM450!!!



Knitted turban from Foruchizu!
Paiseh I kept thinking this is the hairband one holds the hair while one washes one's face LOLOLOL sorry ah I'm kinda outdated from fashion world ^^"

Hair products from Deese's Neu Due and Shiseido!!! Love max!!!!! ♥♥♥
The one I got are SilkyLuxe while erjie got VelourLuxe. Not sure what are the difference though coz the description booklet is in Japanese wtf.

Each time we unwrap the products, erjie will shout "感谢我!" (translate: Thank me!) LOLOLOL and I'll shout back "感谢你!" (translate: Thank you!!!) coz she's the one who found the promo and asked me to join immediately (aww!) This is the benefit of being a social media specialist!!! You get to check social medias secara terang-terangan!

Even though this whole workshop took like half an hour only ahaha but then we used up the rest of the time taking pichas ♥

And guess what! We have a special guest here! Gotta mention a bit since he requested it lol.
Ah Leong!

There! Happy?

OK done! Imma go smell the hair products again - they smell so nais!!!!! ^^"
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