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It's Erjie's Big Day!!!

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Please bear with me it's kinda wordy at first.

It's actually on Thursday when I was working. Jackie FB messaged me asking me if erjie is around me. I thought this fella got problem ah coz it's a weekday and weekday is working day LOL somemore I was busy with projects but I was curious with what he wanna say till dowan erjie is around so I asked him to spill.

First thing he said is to ask me to calm down lololol izzit a known fact that I'll be surprised ah XD Then he told me he's gonna propose to erjie!!! *Start hyperventilating* ON THIS SUNDAY (which is today la)!!!!! I was like OMFG erjie's gonna get married soon LOL although it's just a proposal BUT after proposal then it's gonna be ROM then it's the wedding day ady!!! OK I totally lost focus and I was like OMFG it's erjie's proposal finally CAN YOU IMAGINE??? ONE OF US IS GETTING PROPOSED TO!!! Ok I don't know why I'm so excited la ahaha maybe she's been the closest sister to me since young before we separated to college/university and I'm really happy to see the partner she chose is really meant for her. =')

Anyway he said he'll drop by to ask for papa and mami's blessings on Friday night la and he hoped I can keep it secret and down low so erjie can be surprised coz she thought he'll only be back tomorrow (2nd Dec). *Hyperventilates more* I cannot imagine how they'll react!

So on Thursday night, I told papa and mami and kitkit happened to be there. Well their reaction is kinda within my expectation la. Papa was taking it as a joke (not quite able to accept it I guess lol) and keep saying wanna tell erjie ahaha. When kitkit heard it then he just lied on the bed like he got a very big shock LOLOLOL then he also threatened say wanna tell erjie WTF why everyone likes to play this kind of joke. Then mami just kept quiet I asked her did she hear what I said she didn't response to me wtf. After the announcement then we resume what we were doing wtf like it's just 轻舟泛过湖,泛起阵阵涟漪 and then the 涟漪 just disappeared wtf.

Jackie came to our place on Saturday afternoon coz his flight delayed and papa needa work half day on Saturday. The traffic was bad ah when he reached it was already 3pm+ and everyone was napping LOL. I woke everyone up then asked them to go into the study room and when Jackie entered the room, they start discussing ady and MY PHONE WAS IN THE ROOM WTF OTHERWISE I COULD'VE RECORDED PAPA AND MAMI'S REACTION FOR DOCUMENTATION PURPOSE!!!!!

Here's the conversation... Roughly to my memory la.
Jackie: Aunty uncle, I wanna let you know tomorrow I'm gonna propose to Ivy ady at Cineplex, e@Curve...

(Papa kept quiet)

Mami: Okay...

Jackie: ... and I hope I can get your blessings.

(Papa still kept quiet)

Mami: ... You must treat her well you know...

Jackie: Ok.

Mami: ... If you bully her I will find you 算账 ah....


Jackie: Ok ok can.

(Me: Can say cannot meh!!! LOL)

Then Jackie told me the TO-DOs and left wtf.

Anyway I managed to ask him la what it's gonna be. He said it'll be in Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve, papa and mami will be sitting inside the cinema and I'll be standing outside with him. Then I was like, eh why so familiar one, isn't it XiaXue style?!?! I asked him did he watch the video la but he said everyone is doing it (Pfft so mainstream) Then he said he's gonna appear as Iron Man OMFG

That's like, my favorite Marvel hero leh! He's the only one that dare to challenge the enemies to find him at his own house (sibeh badass can!) and he didn't need any superpower - just his talent in building his suits - to fight!

Jackie also said he's been planning it for a year ady OMFG *thunderstruck*

Yesterday erjie somemore told me about things I have to adhere if I wanna workout and slim down! (YES YOU PEOPLE, I FINALLY SUCCUMB AND WILL WORKOUT! YOU HAPPY?! Please don't make a big deal out of it tqvm!) We talked as if it's not her big day tomorrow LOL. She asked me somemore what am I doing on Sunday, I had to say "grocery shopping" lololol.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So today is the day!!! Everyone woke up on time but then papa and mami kept shouting for kitkit and sanjie to get ready I had to shout back at them that they don't have to follow coz Jackie said it's gonna be in the Platinum Hall (WTF!!! I haven't been into any premiere halls in my whole life!!!) and it can't be too many people at a time. Then at about 10.15am we were about to leave ady then mami still say wanna have breakfast wtf BUT Kitkit said he needa see doctor coz he's bloated after eating mami's curry LOL wtf so no choice gotta take him to the doctor first. The clinic was a bit crowded la wtf gotta wait awhile so we went to eat first (At this point of time I'm already #facepalm coz I foresee we're gonna be late).

Anyway! Managed to send them home and started our journey to PJ ady ^^ and here I think I can start posting pictures ady ha.
Die die also put one first coz I appear very little later

Supposed can reach on time wan BUT I SCREW BIG TIME WTF!!!!! *Cannot forgive self* Papa asked me where izzit I said "The Curve" but padahal e@Curve DOES EXIST WTF I THOUGHT BOTH ARE THE SAME! WHY THE HELL THERE ARE SO BLOODY MANY CURVES AROUND THE AREA!!!!! Then papa U-turned and traffic damn bad walaowey where are all the traffic comes from!!! It's bloody Sunday why these people just don't sleep at home larh!!!!!

We're supposed to reach at 11.15 but we reached at 12 wtf T___T JACKIE WO DUI BU QI NI!!! (Although afterwards then only I realize he will only propose at the end of the movie wtf -_-) So as I said, I waited outside!

Jackie's cute little niece can't stop running around and making noises but love taking photos lol

REAL ROSES! First time seeing so many in my life wtf
Very de 有份量!
Totally imitating this one LOL Got look alike anot???

Then suddenly they said "GET READY GET READY!" We hide at the entrance and after Jackie finished his words we just went into the hall!
Say vows
Show ring
"NO! I didn't wear my shoes!!!"

LOL that's what I will do when I was in cinema XD

Photo with the parents
Photo with the family
Got interviewed on how she felt =D
Mami's girl is engaged~
Erjie was like, am I dreaming??? LOL
You know what this bugger said? "Lucky I slim liao!" WTF!
Pretty! But mami's hand kacau aiks.
Take 2
I'm engaged!
See how happy papa and mami smiled =D

That concludes the whole event la.

So at night, we went to their house for the party and they've got -

While I was happily ordering away, aunty said "少吃一点炸的东西 ha" wtf -_-

Ps: I'll leave the details of how she's been 'cheated' to the cinema for her blog! =D

Pps: Everyone started saying me and my sis look alike again! One of her friends asked am I her younger sis somemore! ^^

Ppps: Very sian is that people start comparing after the event. "Slim down la" "Keep fit la" wtf. Then parents will say "next time your wedding must get a row of BMW queue in front of your house and fetch you wan ah" "next time your wedding must be more grand than this ah" "next time your ... " "next time your ... " AAARRRGGGHHH wtf! Hate this part.
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