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Premiere Screening - Paranormal Activities: The Marked Ones 27/12/2013

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It's been a long long time since I've won anything from Nuffnang!

I saw their blog about this movie at first, but I thought it was just another Paranormal Activity movie. Until I watched their trailer:

This time got things to see! Unlike previous PAs which captures unseen forces only so I immediately participate!

I cannot believe I've won!
Paranormal Activity 5
Q: What is the one last thing that you would do if you’ve been marked?

Then again it's at TGV 1Utama. Sibeh sian. I asked #soulmate coz I know she'd wanted to watch it too but too bad she's still at her hometown! Then I thought nevermind can ask erjie coz she works nearby only! After the movie then we can go home together so it's set WOOHOO!

Throughout the movie, erjie curled into a ball beside me HAHAHA very scary!

Honestly, I think it's better than the first 4 movies leh! We can really see things like bite marks, worm-like stuffs squirming in the body (seen at the bitten area), eyes turned black, etc! But the story doesn't quite relevant with the first 4 la.

(You may check the story for 3 movies here)

Or a brief one here.

(PA1-3) Katie and Kristi's grandmother is a witch where she made a pact with the demon to get wealth in exchange with the first male born child of the family. Since young, Kristi and Katie had this imaginary friend, Toby (which later being confirmed as the evil spirit) who kept following them. Weird stuffs happened to Kristi since she's young and got worse when she's pregnant so her husband gets someone to transfer the evil spirit to Katie since it cannot be exorcised. When Katie moved in to her new house with her bf Micah, weird things start happening too. Micah bought cameras to install in the house to capture the "paranormal activities" that might happen. Katie was then being possessed and killed Micah. The next day, she went to her sister's house, kill the family and kidnapped Hunter, Katie's nephew, and then disappear...

(PA4) Hunter was adopted in a new family and he adopted a new name, Wyatt. Katie got him back and killed the foster family. (At this point I think it's a bit like [REC] ady.) Point of this movie is to explain where Hunter has been, which was adopted, and how weird things happened just to get Hunter back. Please visualize those weird weird scary things happened in between before Katie got Wyatt(Hunter) tqvm.

(PA5) Jesse and Hector just graduated but to realize Jesse was marked. While Jesse's other friends were killed trying to save him, he's possessed and tried to kill Hector, forcing Hector to hide behind a door which appeared to be able to cross the time dimension and he's back in Katie's kitchen. Then he witnessed Katie killing Micah. Katie then killed him too.

I think the next PA might go back into a circle coz PA5 already sent Hector back to Katie's house and witness her killing.

Not bad! Please watch it and scare yourself! XD
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