Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Premiere Screening: Walking With Dinosaur The Movie 17/12/2013

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It's been long since I win movie tickets! Coz the places are damn far I tell you - either 1Utama or Paradigm Mall. Very de sien! Why can't they just organize in Mid Valley ke, Pavilion ke, even KLCC! (I recently won tickets where the premiere screening is held in Pavilion but dammit I've got other event to attend to wtf so didn't manage to go either)

Actually I've wanted to win tickets for this premiere screenings but of course didn't because of the location. Plus I don't have movie buddy *sobs*

Who knows, the day before the premiere screening, erjie told me she won 6 tickets for this movie FUYOH!!! From radio's websites wtf. I tell you ah her job damn shiok can! Only gets busy during beginning and end of the month. Then other days so relax can check out all the social media secara terang-terangan somemore wtf. Last time the Isetan x Vivi Number 76Style workshop also she asked me to join wan! (Note: But of course la not everytime also very free geh Gotta do report also de)

First first I wanna ask #soulmate geh but then she stayed nearby Paradigm Mall wor if she goes with me then I had to 兜来兜去 fetching to and fro her place so she suggested ahma! Though she didn't live nearby my place but still more convenient so I asked her out ^^"

Went to Pasta Zanmai for dinner but bugger they didn't inform me my food will come 20mins later wtf I'm almost late for my movie -_____-

I can only watch her eat and take photos out of boredom wtf
My seat

I think it's ok leh but erjie said it's boring she slept through 60% of it! Then a lot of people yawning when the movie ended wtf are we even watching the same movie! Ahma only said the dinosaurs were ugly wtf is that what she only sees? :O
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