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WDM 18/12/2013

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You people keep saying I should widen my circle and know more people. Nah here's one Serena ajak-ed!

Windows Developer Malaysia - The Gathering

Sorry posting this late coz I was lazy  was FOC somemore ok! #kiamsiap
The day before I actually received email from KLIPS that I've won Police Story premiere screening wtf! Gave to WC and Akmar so it will not go to waste.

I very idiot lor I left my box of name cards at home! T^T #notsureif lucky or not, that night no one talk to me wtf so I don't have to give out name cards wtf.

MOI was here that night!
KL building view

Another one!
Serena got ask leh how come everyone will pose "peace" when they take picture. Maybe next time I should pose like this LOL.

Got extra Starbucks card! =D
Theirs so Christmassy! I've been wanted to change mine but didn't wanna waste money LOL
Now I've got new one! ^^
Supposedly only Early Birds will get Starbucks card but then a lot of people ffk leh! So I got lor hehehe.

Whoa awards and certs
Actually I wonder! Usually is Microsoft give out awards and certs de ma. Then who will issue awards and certs to Microsoft leh? Takkan the CEO ownself issue awards and certs to own company ma right!

Desserts! But I didn't eat la
Christmas log cake!!!!! T^T
I gotta watch diet so cannot eat.
Developers networking!
While I awkwardly standing aside waiting for Serena wtf.

I don't know should I join or not if next time I'm invited to such event leh ahaha coz I really really don't know how to socialize wtf all I did was stand aside look at the crowd awkwardly wtf.
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