Saturday, 4 January 2014

So It Begins...

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Note: Screw resolutions, I've been having the same one since years ago and I'm still trying to achieve it wtf. Any other achievements will be the bonus! So I'm not going to list any resolution for year 2014 ady wtf.

Sorry I waited till this day to update my blog hee Been hanging out with Jann coz she'll be here for 2 weeks only! First blog of the year must be happy - ie, reunion ma right! ^^

1st meet up: 23/12/2013 night @ Old Town White Coffee Balakong.
Simple chit chat and catching up =)
They didn't let me post on FB coz they said they "don't look good" wtf. YOU LOOK PERFECTLY GOOD OK!!! Like I care. It's in my blog ady. 

2nd meet up: 30/12/2013 night @ FUN OK, Equine Park.
Attendees: Jann, Yin, Me, Lemon, Kuan, David (Kuan's bf).
Jann started to ask other friends to join us coz she didn't have much time to entertain them one by one. Didn't take photo coz... It didn't cross anyone's mine ahaha.

3rd meet up: 31/12/2013-1/1/2014 overnight @ Jann's House.
Discussed the trip to Japan in detail!
看娟一席 plan, 胜过盈薇 plan
Also we watched TBBT (sadly only managed to watch 10 episodes) until 4am so we stayed overnight at her place!

4th meet up: 1/1/2014 night @ The Bee, Publika.
Been asked out on the same day I left Jann's house LOL. She said she's gonna meet a friend but didn't wanna be alone so she asked me to go with her.
They talked about how Japanese girls reacts and turned out they will react super kua cheong with expression wtf I cannot tahan how Jann do that "SUGOII~~~!!!" OMFGWTFBBQ I can die of geli-ness wtf.

5th meet up: 4/1/2014 day @ Pavilion.

Should've been shopping for clothes to Japan trip, but most of the time spent was to meet Jann's friends ahaha.
We planned to leave the house at 8 so we can reach Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie (near Pavilion) for breakfast as there'll be more crowded in later time. But after that she said her dad didn't allow her to go out that early so she will fetch me at 9am. (Note: My car need to be sent back to the workshop to change the flat tyre) OK lor I waited for awhile then she told me her car has no petrol and her dad is filling the petrol for her. Left the house at about 10am, reaching Times Square about half an hour later then only had our brunch at 又一村 Sungei Wang wtf.

And then and then about 4pm, her parents called and said her laptop cannot be fixed - and instead, it got worse! Laptop's brand SONY. Very irresponsible sales. Read here of her comment. Then her parents asked her to go home ASAP. So her mood was partially ruined. Then no choice lor we went to Uniqlo and H&M checked out what are the items we should buy, then left.

And then after we paid for the parking fees in Times Square gonna get going, her car cannot be started! O_O Wah damn suay lor. She's very lucky to have 2 strangers who know one thing or two about car mechanical!

Sibeh nais lor the fellas! Helped Jann to restart her car engine by using their own battery! But of course they switch it back to her own battery after the car is started la. HUGE THANKS TO THEM!!! We can safely go home then ^^

Now that she has 1 more day left at here, she's gonna spend time with her own family until Monday afternoon coz that's when she'll fly back to Japan!

行ってらっしゃい! (装内行 LOL)
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