Friday, 17 January 2014

The Lilac Box: Yves Rocher Concept Box

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Wah this is a long overdue entry wtf.

Christmas really got a lot of sales wtf made me wanna spend money only.

NAH! Don't judge me ha!

So about 1 week before Christmas, I received my order!
Pinky and Raccoon sent it to me hehe
Oh no... They opened the package themselves!
Checking the products in the box
Gift card and an event invitation!
Already expired hehe I went to Bangkok couldn't attend ma.
Eh! They started to snatch my stuffs! Nuuuuu!
Aha! I cornered you!
*Raccoon dropped the perfume*
"No way it's mine!" *snatches back*
"Just let me do some intro and it's yours!"
Moment de Bonheur Eau de Parfum
Comment: Scent not very strong, I likey =D
Moment de Bonheur Perfumed Shower Gel
Comment: Shower gel only lor. Same smell as the perfume! =D
Moment de Bonheur Perfumed Body Lotion
Comment: Just like the Enchanteur fragrance body lotion. Same smell as the shower gel and the perfume! =D
Good also coz you won't have different smells when you use all of them together.
Hydra Vegetal Skincare Products: Cleansing Milk, Toner, Moisturizing Gel
Comment: I don't know why everytime I used the toner and moisturizing gel, my face will become so wet like I've just sweat wtf. Over moisturized?
"Stand back or I'll shoot you with bee! This lip gloss is mine!"
Coulers Gloss Sublimateur Repulpant
Comment: Nais color! =D I liked it a lot! It goes very very very well with my Maybeline NUDE Lipstick! I think this is the only lipgloss I don't mind wearing all the time ^^

Upper: Before (So pale)
Lower: After (Bling bling!)
I like the shiny effect and the smell - so sweet! ^^
Hey look, Puppi found a pouch!
Can put everything inside! ♥

If you're interested with this beauty box, sign up here!
More info at their home page here.
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