Sunday, 2 March 2014

Premiere Screening - Saving Mr Banks 19/2/2014

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Wtf I kena trashed by erjie for being lazy to write movie review T.T OK so this one I will write a very 认真 one.

Q: Tell us what favourite childhood books/stories you’d like to see come to life! And don’t forget to add why :)

I asked a friend to go watch with me coz he said he wanna gather gather ma haha most people gather will go mamak stall yamcha but we watch movie XD

So anyway I very 认真的 gave 4 words to this movie: 莫名其妙. OK another 4 words la: 出其不意. I see Mrs Travers so yim chim I also feel WTF lol. (讲完还有心虚的感觉 wtf @@) Maybe it's the first time I see the movie got such twist that the main cast will be so stubborn... And a bit unreasonable.

So... Like that lor wtf (羞愧爬走)
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