Monday, 10 March 2014

Premiere Screening - 300: Rise of An Empire 5/3/2014

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Easiest contest ever!!! Just have to be the first 60 contestant to answer 3 questions then can get it ady!!!

This is the first time I won movie tickets that screens in Sunway Pyramid. COZ LAONIANG GOT CAR WAHAHA! But the happiness was too soon coz stupid car starts breaking down wtf T___T Luckily still managed to go to Sunway Pyramid and come back lar.

IMAX 3D somemore leh!!! It's the second time I watch movie in Sunway Pyramid. This time 3D somemore! Wah the hall 真心的宏伟 neh! Too bad we (ahma and me) were a bit late so our seats are a bit front, not so comfortable.

I think the movie is so-so only leh :x For some reason I think the movie was purposely filmed liddat just because they wanna make it 3D! Like scenes of them killing people were slow motion! Then blood-spill also made as if it's splashed to the screen! I sorta fall asleep at a few scenes wtf (抱头逃走) I like Eva Green anyway!
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