Saturday, 22 March 2014

Premiere Screening: The Second Coming 7/3/2014

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Q: Do you believe in ghost? Tell us why!

I can't believe I got chosen because of my answer. Not bad! I managed to scare people with my dark circle and pale skin since young. Especially when I stare at people under yellowish light wahaha! (Though I don't look pale anymore after Phuket Trip aiseh when only can back to 白白净净 leh :3)

Somemore horror movie! When I asked for movie buddy, sanjie replied immediately hehe. Coz she's been complaining I didn't bring her to movie anymore and I said she didn't check my status coz I've been constantly ask for movie buddy what. Ngehehe!

But this movie is a bit illogical! Sorry for spoiler (I guess it's no longer a spoiler at this moment wtf) At first a lot of weird incidents happened especially Lucy acting like she's been possessed and she even hurt her father, but when Lucy's mother tried to perform the exorcism, it turned out that the ghost was Lucy's twin brother trying to pull the mother out of the situation. He died when the mother tried to abort the twins herself but Lucy was saved. Turned out, the family was dead but the mother was merely unconscious in the hospital for 15 years. Dafuq?! If the baby ghost was trying to save the mother, what's with the possession??? Somemore... If the family was supposed to be dead during the accident when they send the mother to the hospital, how come Lucy wasn't as dead as the baby ghost???

If liddat I rather watch Nightmare on the Elm Street. At least it has a demon that controls the death and everything can be illogical.
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