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How to Create Income Tax File 2014: Part 3 e-Filing

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Kindly refer to Part 1 & Part 2 and make sure you've completed them before proceed.

Pre-check: Make sure you receive a reply email similar to the image below.
e-Filing PIN email
Number scratched for data protection
Actually the steps are already provided in the email lar but I don't mind geh if you wanna cross check with the guide I provided in this entry heh.

Step 1: Now go back to the LHDN index page and click on "e-Filing" button as shown in below image (or here).
Index Page

Step 2: Click on the tab "+Login Kali Pertama" located at the left sidebar as shown in below image.
e-Filing Page

Step 3: Fill in the details you have after you're redirected to the following page. Click "Hantar" when you're done.
First Time Login Page

Step 4: Click on the tab "+Login e-Borang" to proceed with your tax filing.
e-Filing Page

Step 5: Login to Form e-BE for 打工族 (working individuals who didn't own any business).
(Note: Form e-B is for bosses)
e-Filing Forms

Step 6: Congrats, you've completed the registration! Start filing your income tax already!
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