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Osaka Getaway 29/3/2014-7/4/2014 - Plans

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Paiseh ha I dragged until now only update ahaha. I also don't know what I'm busying with But I'm updating already anyway! Read on read on.

Actually... It's kind of an impulse decision made to travel to Japan. We anyhow also had fun so dowan to repeat the reason here lah.

So lets talk about the preparation we made.

After I came back I have friends asking me for info (but their plan is to go Tokyo. Ownself 斟酌 la ha) so here are some info I gathered and summarized.

Travelling Period vs Flight tickets
It really depends on which season you like that will affect your travelling period. During our discussion, I pull the information of cheap flight tickets for them (Jann and Yin).
23/3/2014 - 1/4/2014 as of 31/8/2013
20/4/2014 - 30/4/2014 as of 31/8/2013
Yin suggested that since we're travelling overseas, we should travel longer, while Jann suggested that we go hanami. Since there's only 1 flight to Osaka which is the midnight flight, Yin suggested that we go during Friday night so that we can start exploring on Saturday. We've decided the travelling period (28/3/2014 night - 7/4/2014 morning) but since MATTA fair is around the corner, we've decided to check it out coz it might have cheaper flight tickets as compared to the one I found online (which... Turned out the price is the same but we have to pay extra RM30 each for the processing fees to the agent wtf. So we 当作 pay for selecting preferred seats haiy). This is done in September 2013.

Most of the time we stayed in Jann's house heh. We did stay 1 night in Kyoto though. As I've mentioned in previous entry here, I checked in various sites for the cheapest room rate. I booked a room via coz it was quite last minute and even cheap rooms that had were fully booked. I booked the room (with tatami) for 7000円 1 night for 2 person, inclusive of toothbrush, towels, yukata, etc etc. (The guest house we stayed was Kobako Guest House)

What to Pack
1. Outfit
As per Jann's information, end of March is still cold. She suggested us to prepare a few heat tech (inner) clothes from Uniqlo. I bought 3 turtle neck long sleeves heat tech inner shirts but then only realized my clothes are without/short sleeves wtf ended up I only wore them in my pyjamas. Heat tech leggings are very useful though. Some days it was so cold I wore 2 layers of leggings under my jeans. In additional I brought 2 coats (for photoshooting purposes heheh #心机重). You might wanna consider bringing gloves, socks & scarves if you're afraid of cold.

Shoes are super duper freaking important I tell you. #用心良苦 Speaking from experience!!! Please get a pair (or 2) of very very very comfy shoes! I've lost my pinky toenails because of my stupid shoes wtf. It still grows but not as thick as it used to be ady

2. Devices/Gadgets
- Needless to say too much lor. Phone, camera, chargers, power banks, universal adapters.
- Jann said wifi is not everywhere in Osaka so she advised us to get a SIM card from here but we missed it wtf so we got a wifi walker in the airport instead. She said most of the time we're gonna use Google Map and LINE call so it's important to have wifi connection/data plan to get around.
Portable Wifi
Price: 972円 per day
Bandwidth: 1GB per 3 days
Btw I think most wifi rental shops don't accept cash so better bring a credit card la.

3. Money
I brought 70000円 (including the 3500円 for the stay in Kyoto) and I still have about 3000円 left heh. Yin brought 65000円 and she finished them. This one needless to say la. Estimate your budget properly. Of course you can use credit card la but you know lor banks' currency exchange is more expensive wan so only use credit cards when only required (ie getting a portable wifi).

Where to Travel & How to Plan It
- We totally have no idea where to travel ahaha. Jann gave us this blog link as a reference. But of course we Googled also la. This is one of our reference. Then Yin borrowed her cousin's itinerary since she said she's been to Osaka too.
- As I've mentioned before, Google Map is extremely useful for travelling in Japan.
It even has the fares and estimate time use (which is very precise). No need to worry that you'll lost hehe.

Now you can start planning your trip to Japan ady!
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