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Osaka Getaway Day 1: Osaka - Namba 难波 29/3/2014

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话说 I was still working on 28/3 coz it's Friday. Had to rush home to finish packing my stuffs (paiseh now I realized I really like to do last minute packing de ) and wait Yin to fetch me to her house coz her uncle will send us to the airport.

Btw 丑话说在前头. I realize I don't really like to take pictures. Most of the pictures taken were requested/taken by Yin ahaha. And the first day I didn't put makeup so I looked terrible ahaha please bear with me

And then 话说 it's also Yin's first time travelling to other country so far away. In MAS plane somemore.
Queueing to departure hall
In the plane

6 hours later...

Arrived at Osaka International Airport! =D
Train ticket to Namba Station.

You know, one thing good about Japan's train system is that we can throw in the smallest amount of money to get the tickets first, then only pay for the difference when we arrive at the desired station. Saves a lot of time!

In the train

Jann picked us up! ^^

Locker in the train station
600円 1 lock I think

We kept our luggage at the train station then walk around the places near Namba Station.
Lunch at McD HAHAHA so lame.
Actually we're just trying to break 1000円 notes into small change for that locker LOL

And here comes the mainstream street view pichas!
Hello Kitty Store!
But we didn't enter the store la ahaha.
Socks in Osaka!

And then we shopped and shopped until no time to take picha lol.

So we continue to walk until evening when we're hungry.
Dinner: Okonomi yaki

Jann said Japanese restaurants serve cold water de wor even though it's winter :O

After dinner we went to collect our luggage and back to Jann's house.

- To be continued... -
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