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4th September: KK Day 1

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Okie I knew you've been waiting for the updates, SO here I present the story of our trip~♥ [Due to the length of the blog I only can post more pictures and less words =)] So the first day we're going to KK, Cai Yi got me to snap photos with her before we depart:-
Then we look for Ah Shiang. (Her room is just right below our room that I had a crazy thought of make a hole on the floor then we can talk to each other easily XD) Since she just woke up (we're quite worry that she'll be late but she didn't!) Then we gather at the school canteen first:-
Just then only I realize Zi Hao (Big Ears) is coming with us... Reached the harbour:-
Nothing better else to do in the express boat:-
Hehehe we sat in VIP seats coz we're afraid that we'll have seasick XD
So here we are!
To the hotel the seniors made reservations:-
Awaiting for the seniors to check in
So the seniors had 2 rooms, 1 for girls and 1 for boys while we had 1 room for all 6 of us(Ying Ying, PeiJie, Jiefu, Big Ears, Cai Yi and me). After we've settled down, we went to 1Borneo to walk around~ WINDOW SHOPPING! ♥ In the fitting room =p
Before we went for proper dinner, we went to a snow ice stall to have ice~♥♥♥
Eacy had this and it tasted GREAT! I had chocolate but it doesn't tasted as good as green tea~
So after all the window shopping, we're all hungry so seniors decided to have our dinner at Kah've~
Me and PeiJie from different point of view =p
I'm so boring...
And some group photos:-
Okie, for this photo I have to do some confession... Well... Cai Yi and me didn't do the WINDOW shopping but we go SHOPPING for bras instead... I've bought the expensive branded undergarments first time in my life! So for the money we spent we've got a cash voucher and with that I bought these cute earrings~ =p Oh btw JJ is having a mini concert just right behind the cafe!
Check out these 'couple' phones! =p One is mine and the other one is Esywara's~
After we've finish our dinner, we just simply walk around... When we're going to go back the hotel, it's raining heavily... So Cai Yi and some of them bought umbrellas in a RM5 shop... But too bad they didn't get to use the umbrella coz the rain had stop just before we reached our hotel!
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