Thursday, 17 January 2013

Samsung Hello Kitty Galaxy Y!

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As you can read from my title, YES, I'm blogging about it!

Why, you asked? Well, that's because I FINALLY BOUGHT ONE WOOHOO!!!

Since my Nokia C5 sot jor, I've been wanting this phone for so much coz it's different from the phones people around me are using. Somemore is limited edition wan leh!!!

Nah I stress it again, I wanted it long before Aud and Cheesie had one ok! So stop saying I keep following their tracks!

Scumbag contest organizers never let me win one also hmph!

So I was telling my colleagues that I wanted a Hello Kitty phone which of course kena trashed gao gao Oh I guess this is what I get in return when I trashed someone (Yes #soulmate I'm saying you) too much ahaha.

But one day when one of my colleague was looking for some device for his friend, he found this phone on eBay selling for RM350, SME warranty!!! What a good deal right!

And whoa their service is fast! I just placed order on Tuesday, I got it yesterday evening! So excited you know!

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Erjie asked where did I buy it, I said from eBay. Then she gave me this unbelievable expression I'd thought she think "you face computer for so long you forgot how to interact with people that's why you buy things online izzit" wtf.
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