Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I Broke My Chin

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Way to start my day yo!

You know, life has its own way to play its cards. Just yesterday, a friend talked about the taboo her mom mentioned. For example, a broken/cracked glass can bring bad omen, and it's not a joke when it comes to coffin and stuffs.

I violated both the taboos.

I own a phone that has cracked screen, and I was in a coffin.
Living person is said to not stay inside a coffin

This morning, the bad omen has reached its limit. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, left foot stepped on something that's attached to the right, my right foot didn't seem to go over that something, and then I tripped - BAM! Knocked my chin on the bedside.

At first I felt sore like someone punched me on my chin and just when I was about to let out a curse - I felt something warm flow down towards my neck.


And here's the funny thing! I'm not sure izzit because I was shocked, I got stomachache suddenly and I had to go to the bathroom and take a dump wtf!

Pain at the top and the bottom wtf.

After I'm done, I went back to the room and wanted to change my clothes when suddenly - I felt like wanna take picture.
Left: wound
Right: blood stained cotton

OMG I'm the person who will ask people to take picture and post on SNS when me or someone else has a misfortune!

So I went to clinics. They opened before the doctor is in WTF! How can they be ignorant on patients' well-being?! They came, they registered, and then? Wait forever till the doctor come?! I waited in the 24-hour polyclinic KL (seriously, 24-hour and still no doctor!) for quite awhile then only I heard the doctor came -_-

Doctor gave me tetanus shot first and then only gave me local anesthesia. It was my first time getting stitches! Damn scared leh. Now I know why some people die die also dowan go into surgery room!!!

Long story short.
I've got 2 stitches in there!
The doctor gave me 2 days MC! Muahaha!

Friend: You pokai? How ady?

Me: Chin kena saja lor. Very de suay.

Friend: How you land on chin?

Me: Because my chin too long XD Oh! You don't know I'm a monster at home!

Friend: -_- You reminded me of 1 litre of tears.

Me: Oh wtf. I'm very normal!

Friend: Land on chin where got normal! You never hear them explain?! Human reflex will make your hand to support first.

I'm not gonna demo.

Ahem. So after the suay incident, it's about 10.30am already. I went to Lowyat Plaza and get my phone fix once and for all. Surprisingly, it took only 1 hour! I thought it's gonna be like weeks then only can get the phone back, which is why I dragged it (die die also dowan admit the laziness to go Lowyat Plaza) coz everytime I wanna fix it, I sorta foresee I need to take picture ^^"

FYI, cracked screen costs RM650. Sibeh expensive. Silver rim costs RM120! Siao eh.

My phone and I got patched up together on this day neh :p Also it indicates that I overspend again T.T
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