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Bangkok Trip Guide by Travel Dumb

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Yellow! Moi iz back from Bangkok ady!

It wasn't the first time my family been to Bangkok without following a tour group but it was my first. Though I didn't participate in any planning action wtf I thought it'd be good to post this up for beginner travelers as a reference. Not actual guide ok! Read the title! It's the guide by MOI, the travel dumb!

You might find the format is just like my sis's tips to Bali Trip because I haz no idea how to write a guide and #soulmate is sorta depending on this post as a reference (lame excuse wtf).

The Pre-Plan
OK first thing first. To plan for a trip, you must know what's the date you're going. Preferably be flexible la coz the flight ticket price fluctuates ma. Most people will think that it's better to get Air Asia for budget travelling but sometimes I tell you, MAS is also a good option because it offers much spacious seats, gives free 20kg luggage weight and haz flight meal!

But of course I was just giving the pros and cons for both AA and MAS la. For our flight, papa bought AA tickets for 5 of us for RM2421 inclusive of processing fees, fuel surcharge, taxes, and the meals! Sure you've noticed we didn't bought any luggage right? Well since we're only going for 4 days and it's a tropical country unlike other seasonal countries so we packed light.

Now that we've done purchasing the flight tickets, it's time to check out the hotels. As erjie had suggested, you can check out in Groupon OR just go to Agoda.com to check for the cheapest hotel rate. Erjie recommended FX Hotel which her friend stayed before coz it's near to the train station so papa booked the hotel via Agoda.com. Here's a policy of Agoda.com which you must be aware of: They will match or beat any lower rates offered by their competitors. Policy here.

OK now we're all set!

1. You may want to get a taxi driver's contact beforehand so that you can be sent to the places you wanna be in an instant without have to wait for trains or walk. My family used trains on the first 2 days and couldn't tahan so they hailed taxi at the next 2.
2. If you're travelling within 4-5 person, you may wanna try hailing taxi coz train tickets costs at least 30baht per person while you can ask for 200-300baht per car depending on your negotiation skills.
3. Now that you're travelling you'll need a lot of cash. Get them changed and ready before you travel. But of course you must mind the cash limit you can bring la otherwise the customs might think you're doing money laundry and lock you up wtf then you don't blame me for not warning ha.
4. Most Thai people cannot speak English that well you might want to get your hotel address (or other tourist attractions) written in Thai by your hotel staffs so that you can show it to the taxi driver or other passer-by to better give you directions. Their map is good you can depend on them.
5. Bangkok time is 1 hour earlier than Malaysia time ie when Malaysia is 10am, it's only 9am in Bangkok so you might wanna check/adjust your time zone in your phone.

I'm not sure about the details coz I literally packed my luggage during the last hour wtf. I brought only:
1. Shorts and shirts (smart casual outfit if you want to visit temples)
2. Camera (To take down all the memorable moments!)
3. International travel adapter and charger/power bank
4. Makeup (Only eyeliner and lipstick wtf)

Very light hor! Depending on the weather, you might want to add in stuffs like wet tissues, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc etc.

Places to visit
I must say beforehand that we did not eat seafood wtf most places we dine in are fast food restaurants ie Pizza Hut, Subway, etc so I'm going to only list down the shopping centre/night markets we've been to.
1. MBK Center
Specialty: A shopping mall. You can bargain leh but not as hard as in night markets la.
2. Terminal 21
Specialty: Total of 6 floors with different country styles in each floors! Must check out their toilets coz they're designed together with the styles lol wtf!
3. Seacon Square
Specialty: N/A coz it was closed when we're there. Closed at 9.30pm. Was very far from our hotel so if you're not staying nearby, please go during day time coz it was traffic jam when we're trying to go to and fro the place at night.
4. Night markets!
Specialty: Food and other stuffs! There was one beside Seacon Square I forgot what's the name ady. We tried to go Suan Lum night market but it was closed for construction or something please please please note this down!!!

I think that sums it up la! You can leave a comment if you wanna know anything, I'll do my best to get the answer for you! =)
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