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MY Convo Trip Day 1

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Fuyoh the hotel I'm staying has wifi.

Even though the hotel room I'm staying isn't good. But wifi made it soooo much better LOL please do not trust my ratings towards hotel room xD

So papa called a taxi to send us to airport (LCCT yo!) coz he had a seminar to attend.

And then I tried to camwhore with mami but failed miserably T.T

Unlucky case 1: People convo I convo, people got photographer but I have to do it all by myself. T_T

MY mami ^_^
2 of her daughters finally graduated ^_^
Screw it I'm gonna wear high heels

Mami was very naughty she made monkey faces LOL but I shall protect her reputation so I put up these instead xD
This is what you call "stay young in the heart" yo!

Mami very cute lo. Case 1: She asked me what's the time, I thought she wanna inform papa that we reached KK safe and sound. What made me laugh non stop is the question she asked afterwards - "What's the time difference between here and our place???"


Hello mami, we're still in Malaysia yo! Even Australia that far from Malaysia also doesn't have time difference la HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Put on the dress so I can look better in my pictures wakaka just like how erjie did... But I didn't study in the main campus also, honestly I don't know where to take picture lo. No freaking idea. I have no feelings towards any of the place in the campus. Haiz. No money how to go Labuan T_T But Labuan campus was so small I think one or two minutes can gao dim. Haiz first world problem.

Another shot with mami before leaving the hotel. What to do, no one to nanny me T.T

Unlucky case 2: Regalia is out of size S, and size M is so big :( I came so early also can run out of size. Wtf.

Unlucky case 3: Auto cars are fully booked and I can only rent manual car. That fella told me we need to give him a ride coz he doesn't know how to get out of UMS wtf. So he drove us out of the campus. And then don't know how the previous owner used the car, the door of the right passenger seat is kemek and the two tyres at the front are bald wtf. So this fella brought us to change the tyre lo. Luckily he did that coz I nearly bang other people's car wtf sorry lo it's my fault T.T and we spent one freaking hour to go back to hour hotel coz we're lost. Not too bad for a person who has a phobia and didn't drive for nearly 2 years isn't it ^^"

Unlucky case 4: As if I'm not suay enough, just when I tried to drive back to the campus to take photo, IT FKING RAIN WTF!!! NOW WHAT? I HAVE NO NANNY I HAVE TO TAKE MY PHOTO OWNSELF NOW I CAN'T EVEN TAKE ONE PHOTO IN THE CAMPUS?!?!?!

#okay.jpg coz I can't do anything also it's not like I can stop the sky from raining right T.T So I take in the hotel room lor.

We used self timer to snap these photos. Manually mirror-flip somemore LOL

Please visualize that I'm sitting on a bench in the park of UMS thankkiu wtf.
For this... Please visualize I'm in front of a tree thankkiu wtf.

Ok la mami is hungry so I shall change and bring her out for food

Ok I think I'm super noob wtf coz I couldn't find any restaurant to have dinner T.T mami suggested to go to Suria Sabah (coz it just appear in front of her) coz a mall is suppose to have restaurants right.

Unlucky case 5: I remember the last time I went to KK (here) there were a lot of restaurants/shops but when we went there, we couldn't find even one! Luckily we found a directory and went to the food court and had chicken rice which weren't delicious T_T Ok like that nev'mind lo at least we filled our stomachs. BUT RESTAURANTS FREAKING POPPED OUT WHEN WE WALK AROUND IN THE MALL!!! What kind of sorcery is this wtf. Alright fine I lost in the mall ok. T_T

Cute mami case 2: We're walking in a supermarket coz mami wanna buy some tidbits and her eyes sparkled when she found this - SAT KEH MAH!!! So excited she said "Ipoh specialty"! HAHAHAHAHA mami this is Sabah la why you buy specialties from other states HAHAHAHAHA why my mami so cute one.

Unlucky case 6: Since mami bought tidbits so I bought nutrigen coz I hiao LOL. It came in a packet of 5 bottles ma but then I don't know why one of it decided to learn Achmed the Dead Terrorist and explode itself wtf and I lost one bottle of my nutrigen T_T


Ok la in order to gain karma or reduce my unluckiness wtf I've decided to do a tutorial on how to go through this convo thingy for friends and juniors, if applicable.

Step 1: Plan your journey. As in how long you wanna stay before and after your convo.

Step 2: Book your hotel, photoshooting and rent your car as early as possible. Otherwise you'll end up like me driving an automobile I'm not even familiar with.

Step 3: Pay your convo fees and/or other unpaid fees online, print out the receipt and keep for future usage.

Step 4: Finish the survey you're required to do, print out the documents and keep for future usage.

Step 5: Print the Tiket Pengambilan Jubah and keep for future usage.

Optional: If you need your friend to take your stuffs, please attach with a photocopy of student card and IC with an authorization letter.

Step 6: Bring over documents you've printed at step 3-5 and go to the appointed venue to collect your mortar board and regalia. You'll receive following items
A regalia, a mortar board, a hood (color according to respective schools), a car sticker, a ticket that admits four guests, a laminate certificate application attached with UMS's map, a hanging board idk what wtf and a pin in a box.

Step 7: With the same printed documents you'll need to go to the 'Touch and Go' counter to receive your card
The card will say your name out loud. I suppose this is used during the scroll-receiving ceremony, you'll need to scan the card so the machine will say your name wtf sibeh clever lo can save on emcees LOL

So yeah I'm collecting for BFF and #soulmate wtf

You two owe me big big time.

• - - - - - - - ๑ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ๑ - - - - - - - •

You know what? I'm not sure if Fairy Godmother heard what I wished for (I don't even know if I have one), or the God wanted to console me for being so miserable today ahaha so they somehow did some trick and now I won another movie passes for Frankenweenie's premiere screening!!! I'M ON FIRE, MAN!

Contest here with the following answer for the question: The procedures if you had to bring your pet back to live.

I thought I'm quite lack of creativity also coz I'm combining the snippet from two different movies ahaha. I bet you won't be able to get it right :p OK who am I kidding you can simply google it out haiy.

Hopefully I'm still lucky enough to survive tomorrow coz we're gonnna find out ways to reach our destination eg #soulmate's apartment and the photoshoot studio AND not trip myself on the stage when I'm called to receive the scroll on my convo day wtf *TOUCH EVERY PIECE OF WOOD I CAN REACH*
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