Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Premiere Screening - Wreck It Ralph 27/11/2012

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First world problem: I wanted to watch Life of Pi more than Wreck It Ralph but I won an invitation to Wreck It Ralph instead.

Off the record: You should read this article and the following movie to survive on an isolated island.


Today I attended a meeting at work wtf shit just got real. And then it rained so heavily the traffic in KL paralyzed wtf.

OK back to the topic.

Wreck It Ralph at MBO, Subang Parade, watched with Lemon. Because of the traffic, we just went in and watched. Didn't even have time to grab a bite wtf.

Q: If you could travel into the video game world, which video game would you visit first? And what would you say to the main character?
Other premiere screenings haz nicely printed passes but this one uhh...

Haiya I'm out of creativity that I didn't win any merchandise. Nev'mind. It's nicer than Rise of the Guardian! Vanellope is super cute! Go watch go watch!
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