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How to Create Income Tax File 2014: Part 1 e-Daftar

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It's the taxing month! I know my generation a lot of people will ask how to create a tax file (coz I asked ahaha). So being #GoodGirlGina I did a tutorial for y'all!
(ps: Thanks erjie for completing the screenshot for me heh... I wanted to do this tutorial for quite some time ady but I lazy down wtf (if you see the date I received the emails in later steps it was in February wtf) and the screenshots I took was in my company's laptop wtf #facepalm Nevertheless... You're welcome. Please share as a token of gratitude wtf.)

Pre-check: Click here to check whether your company has registered the tax number for you anot.
Check for your income tax number
If yes, then congrats! Your company is kind enough to undergo the trouble for you! You may stop here and check out my other posts already (LOL #buaypaiseh) But if no... Don't worry! Me is here to help! Just read on~

Step 1: You've gotta get your EA form from your company first. Refer below image for the form you should be acquiring.
EA Form
(Source: Other people's blog wtf)

Step 2: After you've gotten your EA form, you should register yourself for an application number. Go to the Index Page and click on the "e-Daftar" button to proceed.
Index Page

Step 3: You will be redirected to the e-Daftar page. Click on the link as instructed in the following image (or here).
e-Daftar page

Step 4: You will be redirected to the page as below image to fill in your information. Click "Hantar" when you've done filling in the necessary information.
Note: If you're not sure how to fill, you may hover over the mouse icon for information. You may also check the link beside the textbox if necessary.
Fill in your information

Step 5: After you click the "Hantar" button, you will receive your Application Number (No. Permohonan) as per below image.
Notice the tab as shown in below image. After you've saved your application number, click on the tab "Status Permohonan Individu".
Application Number (No. Permohonan)
Number scratched for data protection

Step 6: Referring to the page as per image below, you may check your personal details. Click on the link indicated as per image below (or here) to upload a softcopy of your IC (front only) for registeration purpose.
Check Application Number
Number scratched for data protection

Optional (recommended): Now you may want to bookmark this entry for either you're not ready for step 7 and/or above, or you might want to share it to your friends. Hehehe.

Step 7: You will be redirected to the feedback site. Hover over the tab "Permohonan" and click on the button "Dokumen bagi Tujuan e-Daftar" to upload the softcopy of your IC.
Note that you have 14 days to upload your IC for the registration to proceed. Do it ASAP.
Feedback page

Step 8a: A popup windows will appear similar to below image.
Popup: Things you should keep an eye of
Here, you might find the instruction is confusing.
From the bottom of the page e-Daftar, you will see below note for the file to upload:
Instruction at the bottom of the page here
But from the popup windows in Step 8a, the note for the file to upload is as below image:
Popup: Instructions to upload file
To be on the safe side, change your file to .gif format.

Step 8b: Close the popup window and proceed to fill in the feedback form. No worries, the feedback form is designated to upload your document for the registration. (Refer to the top left corner of the form as indicated in the image below.) Click "Submit" when you're done.
Fill your "Subjek" and "Butiran" as below:
Subjek: Muat Naik Dokumen: <No. Permohonan>
Butiran: Muat naik dokumen untuk <no. permohonan>, kad pengenalan: <kad pengenalan>
Feedback form

Voila! The officer in charge will go through the form within 7 working days and then send you an email within 3 days after your feedback form is passed.

When you're done with it, you may wanna check out Part 2.
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Unknown said...

BLESS YOU, TEDDIE-DEBBIE! This guide helped me alot in doing my income tax. Very user friendly compared to what is officially provided. Thank you so much. I'll probably move onto Part 2 after 7 days :)

Teddie Debbie said...

Thanks for your kind comment! The article is so old already when I checked the official page it's updated with new UI...

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