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How to Create Income Tax File 2014: Part 2 e-Filing PIN

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Kindly refer to Part 1 and make sure you've completed it before proceed.

Pre-check: Make sure you receive a reply email similar to the image below.
e-Daftar Reply Email
Number scratched for data protection

Step 1: Now go back to the LHDN index page and click on "e-Filing" button as shown in below image (or here).
Index Page

Step 2: Click on the tab "+Permohonan No. Pin" located at the left sidebar as shown in below image.
e-Filing Page

Step 3: Fill in the details you have after you're redirected to the following page. Click "Hantar" when you're done.
The number I received is in the format "SG0" followed by 11 digits (eg, SG012345678912). However, you can only fill in 11 digits in the textbox. Remove the "0" after "SG" (eg, SG12345678912).
PIN Application Page

Voila! Now you just have to wait for the next email for the PIN you've just registered!

When you're done with it, you may wanna check out Part 3.
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